millionaireME was designed to help Gens X, Y, and Z become after-tax millionaires in retirement, even if you haven’t saved a penny yet. Get all the tools you need in one easy-to-use app to propel you there.


Make informed, good/better/best purchase decisions


Get cash back from name brand and local merchants


Get a personalized budget based on your spending


Automatically move money to savings or investment account(s)


Monitor your contribution performance toward your most important goals


Share updates with friends and family to help one another stay on track


The Next-Gen app for Millionaires in the Making.


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Optimize how you spend, save, and grow your money.

See multiple options and outcomes for spending your money, get cash back and discounts from places you already shop, monitor transactions from your linked checking account, automatically transfer money to your savings and/or investment accounts, and monitor contribution performance toward your financial goals.

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Shop Smart.
Save Big.

Shop at the places you normally do and receive or save real money. We’ve partnered with retailers to offer cashback and discount offers to our members. Just shop and save.

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how it works


Be a savvy shopper with cashback and discount offers specific to your purchases.

Calculate and compare the real cost of each purchase with a side-by-side alternative before paying.

Discover cashback and discount offers from name brand and local merchants that could aid you in achieving you financial goals even faster.

Basic ($1/month)

Establish and stick to a personalized budget by linking your checking account and setting spending alerts.

Track your spending habits.

View and personalize your monthly budget.

Set alerts and notifications to stay within your monthly spending limits.

Prime ($5/month)

Save or invest with automatic transfers. Be accountable to friends and family.

Determine what percentage of which banking transations you’d like to save or invest, plus the frequency you’d like to transfer those amounts, and automatically move money from your checking account.

Monitor your contribution performance relative to your top financial goals.

Share progress with friends and family to keep you on track.


Receive text alerts, email notifications, and helpful insights to help you along the way.

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